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My Wyoming Family

This is my brother-in-law Jake (my husbands brother) and his HOT wife Shyla with their two adorable kids.  Emery Jo, and Jacob Luis AKA “J.L”.   They run their own cattle ranch along with my father-in-law and Grandpa Twitchell, in Wyoming.  Shyla is a school teacher on the reservation and goes to many Rodeo’s running barrels and she’s quit great at it too. (some day I hope to take her pictures at a rodeo.  I always wanted to ride horses but just don’t have the nack for it and feel much safer on the ground.   They work their little tails off all year round and hardly have any time for themselves.  So I was so excited to be able to take their family pics this summer while we were visiting.

The location was perfect.  Many historical buildings that I wish they would restore a bit.  The white building behind Jake and his little boy was where their grandpa Twitchell was born and the one building all boarded up was an old boarding house.  They would teach the Shoshone Indian girls how to speak English and then they would be the one’s who would speak to the traders and do business back in the day.  I love hearing about the history of older buildings when I use them for a location.

Miss Emery did so well… she is a little feisty busy body and does not like to hold still very long.  Plus the misquotes were eating her right up.  Great job Miss Em you did Awesome for Aunt Torrie.  And baby Jake was too adorable and was tuckered out by the end.

I’m sure all the grandparents can’t wait to get their hand on these pictures.  I’m so excited to show them off.

Thank you Jake & Shyla for suggesting a great place and taking the time out of your busy schedule so I could enjoy your family a little more!!

XOXO Enjoy!

Jessica Bell - September 20, 2012 - 10:44 pm

So perfectly beautiful. I agree, it would be real and action packed to catch a few shots of these two in their day-to-day work with the cows, the kids and the barrels.

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